Month: July 2014

Julia Range introduces herself

Julia RangeAfter my graduation from Mainz University, where I studied Sociology (B.A) and Political Science (M.A) from 2009 to 2014, I started to work as a researcher at the Department of Empirical Political Science. Previously, I worked as Prof. Faas’ research assistant. During the project “Volksabstimmung Stuttgart 21”, I examined voters’ attitudes concerning direct democratic elements. In doing so I could elaborate on my research interests, which explicitely lie in political sociology and communication research as well as voters’ behavior.

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Summer Trip


We spent our summer trip in the beautiful wine city of Rüdesheim. After the cableway took us to the Niederwald monument where we could enjoy the sun, a nice walk and a boat trip left us with enough energy for the rest of the semester.

Team Denkmal Denkmal_2 Turm

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