Month: June 2014

“Data: The oil of the 21st century“

Edgar Wagner, representative for data protection and freedom of information in Rhineland-Palatine, gave a talk on “data protection in times of Facebook and Snowden” within Thorsten Faas’ “Statistics I” lecture.

2014-06-24 20 31 29Wagner’s task is to ensure data protection concerning the state as well as the private market. In Wagner’s words “even the digital world must be able to forget”. Oblivion, however, is threatened as data increasingly become an important economic issue. Knowing that it is going to be a long way, Wagner promotes a “European way” in the American-dominated internet as suggested by Frank Schirrmacher.

After his talk, Wagner answered the questions of a very interested audience, who for instance wanted to know how studying at JGU could be possible without leaving data traces. Others were interested in the questions of how Wagner and his colleagues sensitize the younger generation for data protection and why firms are willing to pay enormous sums of money for user data.

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Publication: Election Campaigns in Miniature

iwpTV debates following an American format first occurred on German TV in 2002 in the election campaign between Gerhard Schröder and Edmund Stoiber. Since then, TV debates have become an integral part of election campaigns.

In their latest contribution published in the journal “Information. Wissenschaft & Praxis”, Thorsten Faas and Jürgen Maier analyze the question of why TV debates are appreciated by involved politicians, the broadcasting media, the television audience, and the social sciences. Additionally, possible research perspectives in terms of “election campaigns in miniature” are outlined, taking the Bundestag election of 2013 as an example.

  • Thorsten Faas, Jürgen Maier: Wahlkämpfe im Miniaturformat: Fernsehdebatten und ihre Wirkung am Beispiel des TV-Duells 2013 zwischen Angela Merkel und Peer Steinbrück, in: Information. Wissenschaft & Praxis, 65, 2014, S. 163–168.
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