Month: February 2014

Transcription of the TV-Debate in the Run-Up to the Bundestag Election

For those of you who want to read or analyze the exact wording of the TV debates in the run-up to the Bundestag election (debate between Merkel and Steinbrück; debate between Brüderle, Gysi and Trittin), the following publications might be of interest:

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Study results published

chart In the context of our research project “Bürgerbeteiligung und Direkte Demokratie in Baden-Württemberg” subsequent to the referendum on Stuttgart 21, which continuously examines political developments and trends in Baden-Württemberg, a tabulation volume of the last telephone survey (July 15 – August 16, 2013) as well as a presentation belonging to it have been published.
Two years after the referendum, still 70 percent of the people living in Baden-Württemberg consider the referendum as “good” or “very good”. Moreover, the majority is “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the way democracy works in Baden-Württemberg. There is practically no dissatisfaction. Most of the people also think that there are enough opportunities for political participation in Baden-Württemberg. However, citizens’ knowledge concerning such opportunities vary extremely.
The publication was also echoed by the media, e.g. SÜDWEST PRESSE, Stuttgarter Zeitung, and Mannheimer Morgen.

In addition to this, Thorsten Faas gave an interview on the basis of the study results, which can be found on

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