Month: November 2013

A Look Back at the Inaugural Addresses

AntrittsvorlesungenFour inaugural addresses have taken place in the “Alte Mensa” (Atrium Maximum) on October 24.
At first, Thorsten Faas gave his address on “Den Wählern auf der Spur” (Picking up the Voters’ Trail). Afterwards, Claudia Landwehr gave insights into the “Demokratisches Institutionendesign” (Democratic Institution Design), which was then followed by Arne Niemann’s “Herausforderungen der Europäischen Integration” (Challenges of the European Integration). Last but not least, Kerstin Pohl gave a talk on „Zwischen Wissenschaft und Unterrichtspraxis: Aktuelle Positionen der politischen Bildung“ (Between Science and Teaching Practice: Political Education’s Latest Positions). The program was framed by music in between the talks and a buffet at the end.

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