Month: September 2013

Thorsten Faas is now Member of the Landesrat für digitale Entwicklung und Kultur (State Council on Digital Development and Culture)

Last week, the "Landesrat für digitale Entwicklung und Kultur", which was founded by Rhineland-Palatine’s minister-president Malu Dreyer, was established in Mainz.
The advisory group will discuss social changes, which can be traced back to changing digital processes and will give a fresh impetus for political decision-making. The advisory group consists of fourteen members, amongst them, Thorsten Faas. The meetings will be conducted by Net expert Valentina Kerst.

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Peer Steinbrück, candidate for the position of chancellor, was positively assessed by viewers of the head-to-head debate on TV.

Examination of perception and effect of the 2013 head-to-head debate on TV
During a joint live experiment, the University of Koblenz-Landau and the University of Mainz (JGU) examined the perception and effect of the 2013 head-to-head debate of Angela Merkel (Christian Democratic Union) and her challenger Peer Steinbrück (Social Democratic Party). 326 citizens participated in the examination by watching the debate on TV in the Universities of Koblenz, Landau or Mainz. While watching the debate, they could assess Angela Merkel and Peer Steinbrück either with the help of control dials or push buttons. Additionally, participants had to fill out questionnaires before and after the debate in order to summarize their opinions. The main results were that Peer Steinbrück could score points and that the participants positively assessed the debate on TV.