Month: August 2013

Project on e-teaching and e-learning

The unit “Methods of Empirical Political Research” will work on a project on e-teaching and e-learning in the winter semester 2013/2014.

Using Moodle as a platform, additional didactically-prepared material for the Statistics II courses will be available (e.g. additional exercises, Stata glossaries, short introductions to statistical methods).

Our medium-term aim is to broaden this sort of medial companion with regard to further statistical programs such as SPSS and R and to offer an open access for all faculty students.

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Twitter reactions on the TV debate

The unit “Empirical Political Research” analyzes Twitter reactions on the TV debate in the run-up to the Bundestag election. It will be analyzed if Twitter data can be used as a valid measurement for real-time reactions on the debate. The number of tweets as well as their content will be considered with the help of content-analytical techniques such as sentiment analysis. Furthermore, the project examines if classical offline measuring of reactions on political processes coincides with online measuring. The examination therefore describes possibilities of how to measure individual reactions on political happenings in real time.

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