New Publication: The Impact of Online versus Offline Campaign Information

The following issue of German Politics will include an article by Julia Partheymüller and Thorsten Faas, which can be downloaded in advance:

  • Julia Partheymüller, Thorsten Faas: The Impact of Online versus Offline Campaign Information on Citizens’ Knowledge, Attitudes and Political Behaviour: Comparing the German Federal Elections of 2005 and 2009, in: German Politics, 2015.
Posted on 28. May 2015 in General

Our New Series of Publication: M.BeeP

Since April 2015, our group of „empirical political science“ edits the working paper series „Mainzer Beiträge zur empirischen Politikforschung (M.BeeP)“ in order to make current results of our research on electoral behavior and attitudes accessible to the public.
With the help of field experimental methods, the first article by Thorsten Faas and Daniela Hohmann examines whether mobilizing measures in local elections, such as door-to-door visits or the distribution of flyers, have a positive effect on the turnout. This and upcoming articles can be found on the M.BeeP website (de).

Posted on 14. May 2015 in General